5 Easy Family Portrait Ideas

The family is the greatest gift from God above. We are all thankful that we have our family that we can lean on and talk to whenever we need someone to listen to us. And admit it, we want every event and special moments of our life with family to be captured.


All around the world, it is natural to see a family portrait on the wall of their house. This is because they want to share the happy moments they have to their extended family members, friends, or any other visitors.


Posing as a group can be a difficult task for photographers unwilling to guide and communicate with their clients to get the perfect shot. And to help you with, here are some portrait pose ideas that you might want to check if you are planning to capture the moments of your family.

The Classic, The Basic

Before trying anything else, why not do the classic and the basic pose for the family? Begin the portrait shot by allowing each family members to just naturally smile either while looking at the camera or looking at each other. The goal of this pose is for the family portrait to be as comfortable as possible.

Intimacy and Closeness

The intimate relationship within the family can be shown not just by saying “I love you” to each other, but also through skinship. Capture the closeness of your family when holding the hands of your partner while hugging your children. This family portrait pose idea will surely make a 

wonderful sweet family picture.

Go Out, Have Fun

It is always good to have a family photo while having fun, especially if you have kids in the family. Ask the whole team to go out, maybe in the backyard, park, or playground, and let the camera begin to capture the moment. This photo shoot idea is worth to try since it will give sunlight to the photo so it will come naturally vibrant.

Let the Color Rules

Decide the theme or motif of the family portrait. It will look nice if there is some sort of unity in the color of your dresses. You can either choose a monochromatic design or a colorful one.


Monochromatic is a style containing or using only one color, it can be black, red, blue, or white. Remember that it is better to use a striking color that will give power to the happiness and unity of the whole family.


On the other hand, if you want to use a colorful theme, you may just limit the 2 to 3 colors. For example, all are wearing pastel colors or all are wearing any color under the family of blue.

Creative Kissing Scene

Let the parents enjoy a kiss while the kids strike a fun pose below them. You can also ask the kids to cover their eyes while laughing at their parents. There’s nothing wrong with kissing since the mother and the father are already married, but you can play with it to make portrait more creative.